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COVID-19 Precautions

  • What precautions is Angie’s Lobster taking to keep me safe?

    The health and safety of our customers, our team and our community is always our first priority. Our business model was developed during the Covid-19 pandemic, so every process, best practice and standard was created with health and safety in mind. In addition to constant sanitizing of all surfaces, double-handwashing, face mask usage and daily cleaning checklists, we have developed a restaurant model that allows customers to limit their exposure to others. With our drive-thru model, customers are able to order through the speaker box and self-pay with the option of touchless pay on our reader, for compatible cards. Customers are also able to grab their bags and drinks on the shelf without having to make contact with another person. Because we are cashless, our team members are not exchanging cash in and out of the window with customers. Most locations also have a walk-up experience that allows customers to scan a QR code, order and pay right from their phone, and then pick up their food and drink on the shelf when ready.

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