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  • How are you able to make your lobster prices so low?

    Great question! We have designed our vertically integrated, efficient model from the ground up, to be able to offer Maine Lobster Meals for just $9.99. We own our lobster wharf in Maine where we buy directly off the lobster boats, process the lobster ourselves at our own Processing Facility in Maine and maintain an efficient model at the drive-thru where our customers take over with self-pay and picking their food up off the shelf. Read more about it on the Mission page of our website.

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  • Are your Fried Lobster Tails Gluten Free?

    Our Fried Lobster Tails are not Gluten Free, as the bread crumbs do contain gluten.

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  • Do you have a list of ingredients?

    If you have any questions regarding the ingredients in our food, please feel free to contact us at or ask one of our team members at the restaurant to help guide you.

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